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PKE (Palm Kernel Expeller) OR PKM ( Palm Kernel Meal )

The three main end products of the palm plantation business are Crude Palm Oil (for food), Palm Kernel Oil (for cosmetics, etc) and Palm Kernel Expeller (used for animal feed).

  • How to feed Palm Kernel Meal

For cows, levels of 2-6 kgs/day can be fed.

Ensure cows have good appetites as some replacement of pasture may occur.

Combine with grains and molasses for best results.

PKM compliments low protein and high energy potatoes, maize silage and some grains.

Cows will initially find PKM relatively unpalatable if fed by itself in in-shed feeding systems.

PKM is best introduced to cows in troughs and/or mixed with other more palatable inputs

(silage, grains, by-products, potatoes etc).

Cows will eat straight PKM once they become accustomed to it (after about 10-14 days)

When feeding PKM ensure animals have access to fresh water at all times.

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